Nolan: 3rd birthday party #kids #motherhood #boymom #familyfun

As we always do in our family, before our kids become school-aged, we had a good old-fashioned backyard birthday party to celebrate Nolan turning three years old!

Nolan is OBSESSED with all things construction so, I purchased "caution" tape, stickers snapped like bulldozers, and balloons in yellow and black. Gram flew in as she always does (she has NEVER missed a birthday!) to pitch in. Emily even used her best bubble letters to write to him on our chalkboard. :) It turned out so flipping cute!

Safeway always makes the best cakes!

When Nolan woke up from his nap and was lead to the backyard, he FLEW towards us as we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He knew exactly what was happening and, funny enough, went straight for the balloons!

Once we could get his attention, he started scraping icing off his cake and exclaiming "That cake is so yummy!" and opening his presents. He was most excited about his two-wheeled Razor scooter and nearly life size excavator.


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