We're on #vacation so #mealplanning is on hold until July 7th. Here are some cute pics from our light to Texas. #kids #motherhood #travel

Hi y'all!

It's summer: the kids are out of school and that means it's time for an annual vacation to Austin, TX to spend a few weeks with the grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and friends. Unfortunately, David is on-project and couldn't come with us (second year in a row :( ) but he didn't get a gate pass and sent us off properly at the terminal door. He let me eat and relax at the gate while he took the kids up and down the escalators at SFO about 1,000 times.

Family pic just before we boarded the Jet Blue airplane

We flew in Saturday night - we took the 3:45pm flight that landed at 9:15pm CST (my kids thought it was 7:15pm so it wasn't past bedtime) - and the kids were once again absolute angels on the 4 hour plane ride. It's probably due to the novelty of it all - they only fly once a year these days - and because it's a relatively short flight. I also had a backpack full of new games, crafts, and sugar-filled treats!

  All in one row, each with our own seat and own TV

We watched "Frozen" and a "Super Why" short, played on the iPad, took two bathroom breaks, enjoyed some snacks, and entertained ourselves with the free on-board wi-fi. It was a super fast flight, mainly because one of us didn't make it past take-off and slept nearly an hour. :)

Diggy slumped over during take-off and slept nearly an hour. Emily, almost 8 years old, was content to watch cartoons and draw. Flying with older kids ROCKS!!

The view of my lap. This happens when your 3 year old expects a nap and doesn't get one.

We've already been shopping, to the pool, and made plans to see the kid's great-grandparents. We are really enjoying our time here in the land of 100 degree days and just trying not to get sunburnt.

Because of all the eating out, quick picnics, meals at friend's houses and the like, I won't have any meal planning posts until we get home. So, I'll see you all for those posts on July 7th!


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