2014 Summer #Vacation to #Texas - FREE Nature Nights at @WildflowerCtr are amazing for #kids #parenting #austin

One of the places we always visit during our summer vacations to Texas is The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center down in South Austin.

This year's trip we got a big surprise: they had FREE Nature Nights specifically designed for kids every Thursday in June from 5-8pm. Each Thursday had a theme, crafts, professionals to give speeches and answer questions, gifts, and lots of fun activities.

We attended the week that was dedicated to Dinosaur Fossils and we couldn't have imagined a better experience!

HEB always sponsors these events so we weren't surprised to see the HEBuddy there, handing out goodies bags (re-usable bags with an orange and bottle of water inside) and interacting with the kids; however we were surprised at how excited the kids were to see him, shake his hand, and take photos with him. Nolan was facinated, waving at him, hugging him, talking to him and being quite the hog of HEBuddy's attention. :)

You could walk around the grounds, doing all the activities at your own pace, or follow the itinerary that included a presentation and fossil hunt!

We were so hot, we chose to go inside the store first to "ooh" and "aah" over all the amazing books and treasurers all about the beautiful native Texas flowers and birds.

Then, we headed into the auditorium so Emily could make a fossil herself of a seashell! She rolled out some clay, selected a shell that she pressed into the clay, and then filled it with plaster before putting inside a bowl to set for a few hours.

Nolan loved all the fossil exhibits especially those about all the dinosaurs that were native to Texas.

We went into the theater for 15 minutes to listen to a presentation about a local fossil enthusiast group and learn about all the discoveries of fossils made here in Texas before we headed out to the garden, the most beautiful and interesting part of the center.

Every native Texas plant and flower you could imagine perfectly labeled and landscaped and laidout for you to leisurely stroll through and enjoy.

Emily's favorite part was the butterfly garden.

It's a very popular event so be sure you arrive early to get a parking spot, about 4:30pm and wear a hat and bug repellent as the mosquitos are fierce at dusk.

Also! They have the nicest bathrooms and ice cold filtered water as well as a little cafe where you can purchase something to eat or bring a picnic of your own. Lots of wide-open space to discover and run around the staff couldn't be nicer!

Go visit them today!

Once again, I didn't receive anything for this post. I share my family's experiences with you for FREE because it's just something I love to do and hope you enjoy the LBJWC as much as we do!


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