2014 Summer #vacation to Texas - A trip to the @AustinAquarium was a real highlight! #kids #parenting

Friends of ours living in Austin told us the new Austin Aquarium was a must-visit so, we planned a trip during our first week of vacation.

They offer discounts on tickets purchased in-advance online and we appreciated how quickly that made check-in once we arrived.

The aquarium is in a huge warehouse which was a former furniture store and is laid out really well! The walls are painted navy and it's dimly lit so the exhibits really stand out. All the tanks were spotless, the fish were exquisite, and there was plenty of room to move around and see the fish from all angles. Each display had LCD information screens to tell you about the fish, too!

There were several touch pools, the shark and ray pool being the kids' favorite! The sharks had just laid egg sacks, which were removed to prevent them from being eaten and set in their own aquarium. See the second photo below!

Most surprising was the fact that there are also reptiles, amphibians and birds on display!

There were three opportunities to interact with the animals:

A table where you could hold and pet a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, and corn snake;

A huge tank of Koi fish that you could feed for $2; and

A huge bird cage where you could walk in and explore (and feed for $3) birds.

The kids absolutely loved it and it truly was a highlight of our trip!

In no way was I compensated for this post. This post is simply to share something wonderful my family experienced that I think yours would enjoy as well.


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