More independent, confident, and vocal about what she wears & how she looks. My daughter is growing up! #kids #parenting #motherhood

It's never been a struggle nor point of contention to update Emily's wardrobe or get her dressed in the mornings as she has never had any preference for what's in her closet.

I've always purchased all her clothes and picked out the day's outfits.

At times, she has pointed out something in a store or online and mentioned liking it, and I typically do oblige and purchase those things for her, but for the most part, she hasn't shown much interest.

Until recently.

Out of nowhere three days ago, Emily said she wanted a hair cut.

A short haircut.

With bangs!

She's never had bangs, I didn't even know for sure if her hair would lay flat as bangs but she was so firm in her desire for this hairstyle that I didn't question it. I just made the appointment and sat back watching her squeal with delight as they cut the hair away to reveal her face.

In these photos, she looks exactly like my baby sister did in her elementary school photos, it's freaky! Same little chubby face, same hair color, same facial expression. What a neat moment in time.

When she saw her hair for the first time, through a teary gasp she squeaked; "I look beautiful!!!".

And she does.

I honestly can't believe how good bangs look on her and how naturally her hair laid down her forehead. We all know, bangs aren't for everyone.

She couldn't wait to send a photo to everyone we know.

Once we got home, she began talking about how much her previous teachers wouldn't recognize her and which friends would love her hair. She has even made reference to which dresses would look prettiest with her new hair.

I just can't help but smile.

Next up, we are off to shop for clothes and shoes!


  1. That is adorable! She must be excited to start school. We have to start ordering Celia's backpack, etc for kindergarten.


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