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Want to know how my day started out today?

I was ready, I tell you: I packed everyone's lunch last night, had clothes laid out, set the alarm, and even had dinner planned for later this evening so that today could be all about a fun morning out.

Once Emily was dropped off at school, I walked home, scooped up Nolan and loaded the diaper bag and car. We were off to Studio Grow for a morning of FUN!

We talked the whole way there about all the fun he was going to have at Studio Grow. It's been a while since we've been and he wanted a reminder of what he was to look forward to. The water table, the play-doh, the trucks and trains and the ball pit. That's how we do it. We talk about what's to come because that's what he loves most.

I pulled in and got a premium parking space IN the lot, so it was free, and was just about to shut off the car and get him out when my brain had that "oh no, you forgot something" moment. I frantically searched the diaper bag and that's when I saw it.

The zipper pocket that has held my wallet for eight years.

The zipper pocket was empty. My wallet was still in my purse from the weekend's grocery shopping and dinner out.

Whomp, whomp.

I was just so thankful I hadn't shut off the car or unbuckled Nolan because if I had, there surely would have been an epic tantrum as I tried to explain why he had to get back in the car. We most certainly would've both been in tears, screaming all the way home.

This has never happened to me, just to be clear. Checking for my wallet is like making sure I have the car keys - it's just not something I ever leave home without.

My phone? I have for sure left it a number of times. It's just not at the top of the list. Never my wallet.

I just quickly backed out and turned the car towards home. I handed him a much-loved electronic device that's typically my "in case a bribe is needed" ace in the hole and a snack and told him we would "come back later". He seemed to accept my change of plans and we made it home to play cars in our play room for the day instead.

We'll try again on Wednesday.


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