He knows them all thanks to "Steam Train, Dream Train"! #boymom #kids #SAHM #motherhood #trains

The Easter Bunny dropped off a new book for Nolan, Steam Train, Dream Train.

We read it every single night.

It's safe to say it's his favorite right now.

He loves to point out each type of train car and ask "what is that?" repeatedly.

Just yesterday I noticed, as he was building that day's train track, he was pointing at the cars he had lined up and was naming them... CORRECTLY!


"Reefer car"

"Tanker car"




He sounded off expertly.

He drove his train around and around for most of the day, making the "cccccchhhhhhhhhh" sounds of it letting off steam and "squuuueeeeaaaaakkkkk" of the wheels as the train came to a stop.

I caught him back at it again today.

He had me read the book as he played.


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