I love how much my mom loves my son #parenting #kids #grandparents #family

You know what I love most about this?

The love you can feel from this photograph of my mom embracing my son.

She and I have always had a very close, loving, protective, respectful, FUN relationship - she's my best friend - so, it means the absolute world to me that she loves my kids as much as she does and that they have their own sweet, affectionate, FUN relationships.

Gram never runs out of hugs and kisses, high-fives, tickles nor "way to go"s and "I'm so proud of you"s. She always makes time to play one last hand of Uno and to read one last book before it's time to turn out the lights for the evening. She's so positive and upbeat and her shoulders are strong enough to carry burden you need help carrying. She loves unconditionally and will always give you more than she has for herself. My kids are so lucky to have her as a constant presence in their lives!

I also love how B - I - G my little diggy looks here.

He's so LONG, barely fitting in her arms.

He'll be out of those diapers and that "little boy" look will disappear before we know it.


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