"It's Jupiter and Jupiter's three moons!" - an awesome experience. #school #kids #thirdgrade #familyfun

During our school's big Spring Fundraiser event last month, which I wrote about HERE, one of the things we purchased was a spot for David and Emily to attend the "Glittering Galaxies" experience with Astronomer and UCBerkeley Professor Scott Hildreth.

He and his wife generously donated their Saturday evening to teaching kids and parents all about the solar system. Telescopes were set up all over the blacktop for the kids to use to see our moon, Venus, and Jupiter and it's three moons. The images were so crisp, David and Emily both were just in awe.

Constellations were pointed out and you could even see Polaris, the North star.

For only $15, I'd say this was the steal of the century. What an amazing experience!!!


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