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Just this week, packages have been arriving in droves at our house.

It's summer-time clothes ordering season: bathing suits, flip flops, bucket hats, shorts, sun dresses, sandals, and t-shirts. Just about every retailer out there has had "Big Summer Blow-Out!" sales, offering 30-70% off.

Every day this past week, when a new package would arrive, it was for Emily.

On Monday, she "ooh"ed and "ahh"ed over the tank tops (her absolute favorite because she's always hot, just like me!) that arrived from Gymboree and Hanna Andersson. Nolan had just gotten up from his nap and was happily playing with his "loud cars" in the playroom so, she and I took our time to try each one on in the kitchen (I open everything in there, don't you? It's where we keep the scissors.) and then put them away for warmer weather. Nolan wasn't really interested though he was watching.

Wednesday she was ecstatic over the shorts pajama sets that arrived from Mini Boden. She began ripping into each little plastic parcel, she couldn't wait to try them on as she has been so hot at night. She spread all four sets out... in the middle of the play room... in front of Nolan.

He began to cry and whimper and then, approached me and said "I want some, too!". Emily graciously offered to let him try on the pajamas but he refused. He wanted his OWN new clothes to be excited about.

He was nearly inconsolable by Thursday when yet, another package of shorts arrived from Hanna Andersson. This time, he was witness to the delivery man ringing the doorbell and handing the package to Emily, who beat me to the door.

I had to make her wait until later that evening to try those items on as it took me all afternoon to try and explain that he had clothes coming, too and it would be his turn soon. He's nearly four but just has no concept of time and fairness.

In my defense, we have a Carter's and a Crazy8 nearby, I don't do much online ordering for Nolan and rarely do I ever have him in-tow while shopping so, it's easy to see how he would feel left out and "want some, too!". Guess I'll be either ordering more for him, too or just not allowing any more package opening while he's awake if there's nothing for him. Wow.

Thankfully, today, his lot of shorts arrived from Gymboree arrived and it was just he and I trying each item on. His smile was huge. You could see the excitement as I unwrapped each t-shirt and each pair of shorts. Once he saw the one with the robot on it, he began to undress himself and demanded he wear it right now!

This is him in his brand new outfit... that doesn't match.

That shirt was $8.99 and the shorts were $11.99.

I'll be lucky if he takes it off to go to bed tonight.

And here's the rest of his shorts lot:

That's a rabbit riding a motorcycle. And he's going to wear that dinosaur "It's my birthday" shirt next week when we have his little birthday party (a month early!) when Gram is visiting. I didn't order him many t-shirts because Carter's had their $6 blow-out last month and he has a drawer full.

Then we cut up the watermelon we got this morning from Costco.

He looked me in the eye and said "Watermelon is the best!".


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