Nolan is NOT starting #preschool this month... #kids #parenting #motherhood

If you haven't been following along in our Preschool journey for our youngest son, Nolan - age 3 years and 9 months, you can read all about the tours here:

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Do you remember THIS POST where we chose a Preschool and Nolan was supposed to start this month?

We ended up not enrolling him in that school after all because exactly one week after we received the enrollment packet (30 pages worth!!!), we got the call from the Montessori school. Our #1 pick! They had space after confirming all their returning students and want Nolan to attend.

Wow. Talk about an overwhelming decision!

It's like having two job offers at once.

It weighed heavily on us for the better part of a week before we decided to go with our gut, our very first choice, the Montessori school.

It's cheaper, has much better hours, he will attend 5 mornings a week (instead of only 3 or 4), it's a much larger, nicer, newer facility, offers an extended day program (9-2:30!), AND has an accredited Kindergarten program should he not be ready to attend public school the year he is of-age. Oh! And he doesn't need to be potty-trained at all, in any way, shape or form, to attend this school so the journey to potty-train can truly be about his mental and physical development and not his age. Yay!

We mailed in our deposit this week with our signed contract and Nolan will begin in the fall, on the same schedule as our public elementary school.

We are honestly relieved to have just made the decision and to be done with discussing it. It's all-consuming!


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