Random #kids pics - peace signs and ankle-crossers #parenting #motherhood

My husband made a comment a few months ago about how much he loves that I have kept up with this blog all these years. Nine years to be exact.

Nine years of pregnancy, new jobs, moving, birthdays, anniversaries, death, potty-training and Preschool, moving again, pets, another pregnancy, moving a third time, holidays, our travel adventures, and all those random moments you have with your kids when you are a parent. This blog is just a giant documentation of US so we can look back on these memories when we can no longer recall them on our own.

Emily, sitting in her very old PBK Anywhere Chair with our cat, Allie:

My nearly-nine-year-old beauty. She loves that cat.

And peace signs. They pop up everywhere these days!

Nolan, banana-in-hand, mid-vehicle play (as always!):

He's been working hard on his "cheese!" so that he's ready whenever I pop up with my camera. Cutie. He needs a haircut. I swear we just got him one last month. Oy!

These photos were taken today, after we picked Emily up from Spring Break Art Camp.

Lounging in the playroom with nowhere to go and no one telling anyone what to do with their free time is what they love most these days.


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