David's new job

After months of searching and interviewing, we got our big break: Pixar offered David a job!

DNA Productions, Inc. (David's former employer) came upon some "project scheduling conflicts" which basically left them without work after their current project and they had no choice but to layoff the entire company, other than upper management. They called in the employees one at a time and gave them their end dates, which was June 16th for David (most employees were laid off on or before this date), and then announced to everyone their Recruiting efforts: DNA would open up the studio and allow employers to come in and interview the staff as well as view their work on DNA's current project, The Ant Bully. This was extremely important as everyone was being laid off prior to the release of this movie, making it impossible and a copyright infringement to show propsective employers their work over the past year... imagine working for a company for a year or more and NOT being allowed to put your experiences there on your resume.

So, in came the employers, interviewing the staff over the next month with most of them not needing to hire anyone until later in the year as they ramped up on new projects, which left the staff feeling hopeless and frustrated, including David. Most everyone decided that DNA's Recruiting efforts were a waste of time and they decided to find jobs on their own, hoping the resumes they had, minus their work on The Ant Bully were good enough.

David & I worked night and day, preparing his resume and demo reel packet, mailing it out to everyone including Pixar, DreamWorks, Reel FX, Sony, Rhythm & Hues, Blue Sky, Critter Pics, Vanguard and PDI and then waited for the phone calls to come in. As David has spent over five years at DNA and had promoted several times, he was an attractive candidate and he did have several calls back for interviews; however, his sights were set on Pixar. David has wanted to work at Pixar since he was in college and it was obvious that he was concentrating all his efforts on getting an interview with them. And he did!

David not only got an interview with Pixar but he was one of six that were called in for a second interview. For the second interview, Pixar flew David first class out to Emeryville, California, gave him a tour of the studio and basically just asked him some questions to get to know who he is and apparently, they loved him because three weeks later they called him to offer him a job. David was so excited for so many reasons and I... well, I was just so relieved! As you can imagine my mind has been elsewhere during this whole ordeal, worried about how long we were going to have to get by with no paycheck, how long would it be before David got a job, how we were going to have this baby and support her... ugh! Total nightmare for me and I was loosing sleep over it.

Now all we have to do now is prepare to move across the country.

Pixar completely pays for our relocation including a trip out there to go house hunting before we move, movement of our home and both of our cars, temporary housing and automobile rental for two full weeks in case we arrive before the moving company and relocation experts to help us settle in to California by providing everything from tours of the city to real estate services. Talk about serious benefits and thank goodness for that because I cannot imagine having to do this all on our own with me being practically useless at 6 1/2 months pregnant! Ha

David's start date at Pixar is July 17th and his last day at DNA is June 16th so that gives us just about a month to relocate. Once we contact Pixar's Relocation Team and begin this process we'll have a more definitive timeline as to when all this will take place and of course we'll be informing all of you!


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