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All of Not Your Mama's Martha!'s recipes, from our home to yours!

Alfredo, Light
Alfredo, Roasted red pepper

Bell peppers, Italian-style stuffed
Biscuits, Fresh herb buttermilk
Bolognese, Traditional
Bolognese, Turkey summer pasta
Bread, Pumpkin
Breakfast casserole
Brussels sprouts, Roasted
Buns, Brioche burger
Burgers, Beef with blue cheese
Burgers, Hawaiian-style turkey
Burgers, Salmon

Cauliflower, Garlicky mashed
Ceasar Salad
Chicken, 40 cloves of garlic
Chicken, Barbeque shredded {CROCKPOT}
Chicken, Buttermilk baked "fried" for two
Chicken, Buttermilk baked "fried" whole chicken
Chicken, Lettuce wraps
Chicken, Orange peel
Chicken, Parmesan (baked not fried!)
Chicken, Piccata
Chicken, Sweet 'n spicy grilled wings
Chili, Texas-style con Carne
Chili, con Queso Dip

Enchilada sauce, red chili gravy
Enchiladas, Chicken Verdes

Herb spread, Fresh

Fajitas, Marinade for beef, poulty and fish
French Toast
Frito Pie

Goulash, Turkey
Green beans with roasted tomatoes

Lasagne, Perfect turkey
Lemon bars

Macaroni and Cheese I
Macaroni and Cheese II
Macaroni and Cheese, Kale and bacon 
Meatballs, Nirvana
Meatballs, Turkey
Muffins, Banana chocolate walnut
Muffins, Oatbran and flaxseed

Pad Thai
Pizza dough, Honey wheat 
Potatoes, Au Gratin
Potatoes, Baked
Potatoes, Balsamic potato salad
Potatoes, Mashed with Mascarpone cheese
Pork, Spicy barbeque shredded {CROCKPOT}
Pork tenderloin, Honey ginger marinated and grilled

Rib Roast
Rice, Chicken-fried
Rice, Spanish

Sauce, Fire-roasted tomato
Sauce, Tomato and basil
Shrimp, Fra Diavolo over Linguine
Shrimp, Fried coconut with fiery mango sauce
Shrimp, Garlic baked over penne pasta
Shrimp, Soy ginger and lime marinated and grilled
Shrimp, Tequila-soaked and grilled
Soup, Tex-Mex potato
Soup, Tortilla {CROCKPOT}
Sweet potato fries, Grilled

Tacos, Baja fish with mango salsa
Truffles, Coconut
Turkey Helper, Homemade!

Vinaigrette, Simple balsamic herb

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