The Diaper Bag Wars

The Diaper Bag that almost never was:
My best friend, Shelby C., who lives in California and knew she could not attend either of my baby showers, ordered and shipped me the most gorgeous Tiffany Tote Diaper Bag back in May (see pic on the left). A whole week past the confirmed delivery date went by and I decided we need to "track and confirm" the package through the Post Office so, Shelby sent me the link and I looked it up only to discover my package had been delivered the previous week and signed by someone that wasn't me!!!

To make a very long story short, after speaking with three different Customer Service Agents as well as their Supervisor and Consumer Affiars over a three week period, it was determined that my bag was accidently included with the Neiman Marcus' weekly delivery. I was told by Consumer Affiars to go to the Valley Ranch Post Office (the PO that made the mistake) and tell them that I wanted to file an Insurance Claim for the loss of my package.

The Valley Ranch Post Office Supervisor, Danine, is whom I spoke with and she assured me she would contact Neiman Marcus and attempt to get the package returned and if she could not, she would assist me in filing the claim. A week went by and I never heard from her (she promised to call three days later to follow up) so I got up and went to the Post Office today to speak with her. She was highly irritated and very vaguely stated that she was not able to get the package and I would have to file an Insurance Claim but that I had to do it with the "main" Irving, TX Post Office as the Valley Ranch Post Office was not authorized to file claims >$50 in value (the bag was over $100.00). She gave me directions to the other Post Office, noting that all I had to do was hand them the form as well as the receipt for the purchase of the item (which Shelby had sent me) and the "track & confirm" receipt from the USPS website (which I had in hand) and they would be able to refund the price of the bag either to me or Shelby. So, off I went, convinced this would be as easy as; "Hi, I need to file an Insurance Claim. Yes, thank you for your help. Have a nice day!" but that is not what happened!

After driving around for nearly an hour, lost, because her directions were incomplete, I finally had to call David and have him google map the place and help me find it over the phone. When I walk in, I calmly and confidently explain why I am there and who sent me only to be greeted with wide eyes and astonished glances. The Irving Post Office's Supervisor, Tina, had no idea what I was talking about regarding a refund from their establishment nor did she understand why Danine had me drive all the way over to her Post Office for something that they could not do... there's no such thing as a "simple refund" when filing an Insurance Claim and there's no "refund limit" that would inable Danine from filing my claim. Tina profusely apologized mainly because she saw the frustration in the tears that were now streaming down my face and asked me to have a seat while she made a phone call to Danine to find out what was going on.

When Tina came back she explained that Danine's behavior was unacceptible and completely unnecessary; however, she would be handling my claim from now on and assured me she would take care of it. She had two of her employees go to the Neiman Marcus center, where my package was delivered, in an attempt to retrieve it today and told me once they returned and it was confirmed that the package had been retrieved or was missing she would give me a call and help me with the next step. She also suggested I file a complaint against the Valley Ranch Post Office and a seperate complaint against Danine specifically as she mislead me and gave me false information... which I am definitely going to do!

By this point, I'm so fed up with getting the run-around that I feel like I am going to explode and I am so sad that this wonderful gift is just out there somewhere and no one, so far, has done anything to help me rectify this situation... ugh!!!


So, two weeks go by WITHOUT a phone call from Tina (big surprise there) even after I left two voicemail messages for her and I am just about to my wit's end when I decide to tell Shelby that maybe we should go ahead and contact Vintage June and see if maybe they can help us get some resolve. Apparently, Shelby had read my mind because that's exactly what she did and Julie Smith, owner of, got on the phone right away with the Post Office to file her own insurance claim as she shipped the package insured. She had also ordered another bag and was going to ship it overnight through FedEX at no charge in order to satisfy me, her customer... talk about fantastic customer service!!! Anyhow, while David & I were in California on our house hunting trip, the package miraculously appeared back at the Post Office (courtesy of Neiman Marcus returning it) and a notice was left on my door. I practically ran to the Post Office demanding my package on Monday the 26th of June and was just floored when I ripped it open and inside lay the most gorgeous diaper bag I had ever seen... in perfect condition!

***Check out these photos: The diaper bag came with a matching changing pad, cosmetic case and coin purse!!! The inside is gorgeous Tiffany Blue with two pockets that have velcro straps and two pockets with drawstrings... There are also two pockets on the outside of the bag that are deep enough for bottles. I just LOVE this bag... thank you so very much, Shelby!!!***

I got on my computer immediately to send an email to Julie and to Shelby letting them know the bag has surfaced and no further action is required against the Post Office, other than writting them a nasty letter of course. I just LOVE the gift Shelby sent me and will be recommending Vintage June to EVERYONE as Julie was ready and willing to go out of her way to rectify a horrific situation that wasn't even her fault. Thank you, Julie!!!


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