Happy 4th of July!

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So, here it is the 4th of July and while most of you have grandious plans involving the lake, family picnics, BBQs and probably a good amount of "adult beverages", our plans involve forming a close relationship with our cardboard boxes, packing tape and take-out food from the local deli. ha!

Seriously though, we are completing our packing today ~ our bathroom toiletries, bed linens and eventually, our compuer and home phone. Mayflower is the company moving us across country on July 6, 2006; they came yesterday to pack all of our "breakable" items, which was such a fabulous benefit of Pixar's relocation package! All we had to pack were things like candles, towels, tupperware, books/magazines, DVDs, our clothes, bed linens and of course all of our baby stuff... it was pretty easy but it took a while as I get tired quickly. David was such a Trooper!

American Moving is transporting both of our vehicles ~ they'll be here tomorrow, July 5th so, we will be prisoners of our apartment for a day... thank goodness for food delivery!

We haven't heard back from Pixar regarding our actual flights out to California, which should be on either the 6th or the 7th, just yet but they had a HUGE task before them as we needed direct non-stop flights on an airline that had room for our dog and that left Dallas/Ft.Worth between the hours of 9PM on the 6th and 9AM on the 7th... airlines have strict rules regarding the transportation of animals and most of it is based around the temperature in the cargo of the plane. Oh well, Pixar's Relocation Department does this for a living so I'm sure they'll figure out something in the next two days. :-) If not, we'll go stay in a hotel close to the airport until they can get us on a flight.

Once we arrive in California, Pixar pays for 2 weeks of hotel stay and 2 weeks of renting a car. We actually have possession of our new house on July 7th so, we'll be spending the time between when we arrive and when our stuff/cars arrive going back and forth between our new house and our hotel to "fix it up". We plan on painting Emily's Room, purchasing and assembling her nursery furniture, putting up curtains in the house and purchasing a few additional rugs, as hardwood floors can be cold, before our stuff/cars arrive.

It's estimated that our stuff/cars will arrive around July 10th-12th and once it does, we'll go into full unpacking mode to try and get settled before David starts work on July 17th. We also have to get our Driver's Licenses and new plates for our cars (after having them checked for CA smog emissions compliance), find the grocery store and map out David's driving route to Pixar... the week of the 10th will be very busy for us indeed!


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