Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 1

Over the past few weeks, Emily has given me so much trouble over breastfeeding; I began to feel extremely stressed out, irritated, even angry when she would stop eating to smile at me, play with her feet, stare at the TV or the dog and anything else she would do. I stopped enjoying breastfeeding and began to feel like a failure... like a terrible mother for being so upset with her.

So, I decided to weine her off the breast during the daytime and pump breast milk to put into bottles for her but, because of all the stress, my milk supply diminished significantly yet again.

I ran up to Alameda Natural Grocery and purchased the More Milk Plus supplements and set my mind to pump every three hours, which is how often Emily breast feeds and I started at 8am today.

      • 8am 3oz
      • 11am 3oz
      • 3pm 3oz
      • 6pm 3oz
      • 9pm 3oz
After pumping every three hours today, I've noticed that I was only able to put away half of what Emily eats in ounces but, I can't be too hard on myself as I only started this effort today.


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