Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 9

HUGE improvements today!!! The most obvious is the amount of milk I am getting at each session but, also is the length of time it took at each pumping session to get the milk: It's taking less than 30 minutes and, actually, closer to 20 minutes to get the combined ounces above when I am using my double pump.

I'm also much happier that I am able to pump in private and without distraction as Emily is napping during the morning and afternoon pumping sessions, David is home for the evening session and Emily is in bed for the last session of the day.

Today has been my best day yet!

It started out unbelievably as I got almost 8 ounces (yes, EIGHT) this morning and never got less than 5 ounces throughout the day. It was also great because David didn't have to work today and kept Emily entertained and happy while I pumped and just enjoyed a little bit of "me time". :-)

Here's how today went:
        • 7:15am 7.5oz
        • 12:45pm 5.5oz
        • 5:00pm 5.0oz
        • 9:50pm 6.0oz
24 ounces in total for today... No Way! WOW That's almost double what I was getting my first few days of pumping. I'm so relieved and so happy, I could just scream. AAAHHHHHHHH!!


  1. HOLY MOLEY!!! you rock! Your commitment really has paid off! Way to go!


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