Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 6

My period is officially over and I have found new optimism about pumping!

Emily napped really well yesterday so I had a bit more free time to pump and she wasn't as fussy when she was awake and I had to put her down to play alone so I could pump.

Here's how yesterday's pumping session went:
        • 7:30am 3oz
        • 9:30am 2oz
        • 11:30am 1.5oz
        • 1:30pm 2oz
        • 3:30pm Breastfed Emily
        • 5:00pm 3oz
        • 8:00pm 1.5oz
The end of the day was a bit crazy so my pumping got thrown back to every three hours and then, I was so tired that I just went to bed instead of pumping again at 10:30pm. Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow. :-)


  1. You are such a committed mommy! You GO milk Machine!!!


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