Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 7

After several days of pumping every 2-3 hours, I am just worn out and a bit more stressed than when I started: it's extremely difficult to find the "free" time to pump. So, after literally falling into bed last night from exhaustion and frustration, I decided that I was not going to do that anymore; instead today, I'm only going to pump 4-5 times total, which works out to every 4 hours. I have breastmilk that I pumped last night to give to Emily for her first feeding of the day today and, hopefully, I'll pump enough throughout the day to not have to supplement with formula.

Here's how today went:
        • 8:30am 5oz (first pump after she slept all night)
        • 12:45pm 4.50oz
        • 5:30pm 4.0oz
        • 9:50pm 4.0oz
17.5 ounces total... not bad! And, it's more than I got on any of the days I pumped every 2-3hours. This was much less stressful on me and thus, I am much happier! Oh! And, I didn't have to give Emily any formula today because I had enough breast milk for her for each feeding. It probably helped a great deal that she had three long naps today: she slept 45 mins at 9:30am, 2 hours 45 minutes at noon and 45 minutes at 5:30pm. Long naps today! WOW :-)

I'm still taking the More Milk Plus supplements and (I think) my period is over and done with until next month (ugh!) so, I should start seeing a bit of an increase in milk over the next week.


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