Pumping Update

I think Emily is going through a growth spurt because I can't seem to keep up with her feeding demands and have had to supplement with formula for at least one feeding a day.

I don't care about giving her formula, I care about my milk production as I have worked hard over the past few weeks to build it up. Sometimes, I get 6-8oz combined at each session and other times, I only get 4-5oz... my body must be going through something or maybe I am feeling too stressed or rushed during those times I get less milk. Who ever really knows what's going on with their body?

I also need to be more consistent with the times that I pump and I need to be more scheduled because I tend to go off and do things and not stick to my every 3-4 hour pumping routine. This is probably 50% of my problem with not getting enough milk. It's easy to get carried away when running errands or having a playdate with friends and let the time slip away. Who wants to end the fun and go home to pump? :(


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