My car was hit while parked outside my house!

I honestly don't know what to say, I am so mad.

According to my neighbors and the 84-year old man who hit my car:
A "silver Honda-looking car" hit him about the same time he hit me. He
and the silver car backed up, drove around my car to park in the next
driveway and discussed the damage to his car, which in the rear, where
he was hit by the silver car, was just a scratch. The old man was so
disoriented, he didn't realize he hit me so, he got back in his car
and drove off.

Yes, he drove off!

My neighbor, Cal, saw it and drove after him when he saw him drive off
without leaving me a note or knocking on my door. He didn't catch him.

I called the Police and, about the time they arrived, this old man and
woman came walking down my street, claiming they hit me. The old man
had cuts on his arms and blood all over his pants and said he was
scared and a bit confused so, he drove home (which was about 3 blocks
away) to pick up his wife for her help. His wife pointed out the damage to the front of his car and demanded he and her go back to where my car was because he had to have hit me. Thank the Lord for his wife!

Talk about HUGE miracles!!!

The details:
He hit me going about 45mph (20mph over the speed limit) and was
driving with a suspended license, according to him. He hit the rear
left side of my car, smashing in the rear bumper, damaging the
right-rear tire and shoved my car up on the curb, damaging my front
left tire.


I'm still in shock over all this and am so pissed that I'll be out of
a car AGAIN for God knows how many days. Ugh!!!!!!!

Emily and I had just got home from the Post Office when it happened.
My neighbor said he saw it happen 2-3 minutes after he saw me walk
inside my house... an even BIGGER miracle we weren't in the car!

I told David he had to come home NOW because I felt like I was having
a nervous breakdown and needed some help with Emily.

A big thank you to The Alameda Police Department for coming so fast,
sending THREE cars and making this a somewhat bearable ordeal. Officer
Wise and Office Crossley were so professional and quick with the
report and helped the man that hit me & his wife back to their home. :-)

I'm so tired and bummed out about this.


  1. hey girl, how have you been doing? anything new going on?


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