Pumping Update

After a few days of hit or miss, I think I am finally back on track with my pumping schedule and should be seeing an increase in my milk supply by the end of this week. It's so easy to get distracted with Emily or to be selfish and decide to nap or watch TV, rather than pump but I am committed and will not fall off the wagon, so to speak, this week. :-)

I'm pumping every 2.5-3 hours and am getting about 3-4oz each time, except for my first pump of the day: I am getting 6-7oz then because Emily has gone all night without eating. I am still taking the More Milk Plus, although I am taking the liquid now because Alameda Natural Grocery was out of the pills. Blech! The only way I found to choke it down is with chocolate milk, which it has now ruined my love of the stuff. Oh well. :-)

The things we do because we love our children...


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