Teething = No Sleep for anyone

It's been another week and Emily is still waking frequently throughout the night and very inconsistently: she'll go to bed around 7-8pm each night and sleep until about 1-2am. She won't want to nurse (I have tried), doesn't need to be changed, isn't too hot/cold and isn't in any physical pain that we can see... she just wants one of us to comfort her.

So, David and I take turns getting up with her, rocking her back to sleep or using the "shh pat" while she stays lying in her crib. Sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes other times it takes an hour but she always goes back down. We always put her back down in her crib so that she doesn't get use to sleeping with us in our bed or sleeping on us in the rocking chair but, there have been nights where we were getting up every 15-20 minutes and keeping her in bed with us was the only way any of us got some sleep.

At first, we thought this was something that needed to be addressed by sleep training methods but now, we are convinced that it is because she is uncomfortable due to teething. Her gums are (what I think, anyway) swollen and you can actually see the white teeth just under the skin in some places! I rub her gums and give her tons of stuff to chew on throughout the day and I have started using a bit of
She doesn't care for the taste!
I think I'll start using a bit more when she wakes at night to see if that helps her any. The drool has become unbearable (she is soaking several bibs/outfits a day!) and she has a rash on both cheeks. Poor baby. She doesn't scream or cry out at all, yet.

We just do the best we can to take turns so each of us can have some uninterrupted sleep and we try to keep our attitude about her waking up positive, which has helped the most. At first, we were both really frustrated, even angry, at the lack of sleep every single night but then, when we realized she is teething and read up on it, when felt really guilty and decided we needed to change. It's still hard to get up so much at night but we are parents and are actually quite happy to do so. :-)


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