A Visit From Gran

Having my mom come visit me almost every month since we moved here has been such a treat, especially since Emily came along! We have had the best time playing with Emily, chatting, driving around town, cooking & baking, shopping, running errands and even cleaning house. She is such a huge help, too when I just need a break! :-)

She was here Wednesday through Sunday and I think we accomplished more in those 5 days than I have been trying to do over the last 5 months! ha

She helped me move Emily's crib mattress up (it was way too low... what did we know?), clean the ceiling fan and tops of all the cabinets, sweep/mop all my floors, finish up all my laundry, organize Emily's closet, organize my bills and scrub all the surfaces in my kitchen. It's so nice to have a clean house!!!

Emily is really going to appreciate all the things my mom has done for her since her birth (and even before) and she is so lucky to have a Gran that loves her so much.


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