This could be the end for "Mink" The Bink

Emily has quite an attachment to her binky (Mink the bink, we call it), especially at night!

90% of the time that we have to get up at night is due to the fact that she lost Mink by either rubbing her eyes or rolling over on it, knocking it out of her mouth, or just by falling asleep and having it fall out of her mouth. We tried letting her fuss for at least 5 minutes before going in to soothe her (i.e. giving her Mink back) but she just cried harder. We were averaging 4 times a night getting up with her!

I decided to experiment yesterday and last night by not giving her Mink pretty much all day and putting her to bed without it. She never fussed during the day yesterday and went down without making a sound last night. 45 minutes after going to bed, she woke up fussing. I waited 5 minutes to see if she would self-soothe and then, went in. I rubbed her back and "ssh" her and she fell asleep in about 2 minutes.

Of course, I left her room thinking I had a long night ahead of me but much to my surprise, I didn't hear from her the rest of the night until 6:00 AM. Unbelievable!

Could Mink have been the root of all our troubles here lately?

I'm going to continue to limit her use of a pacifier during the day and putting her to bed without it to see if she begins to sleep longer, uninterrupted.


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