4 teeth already and more on the way

Yes, it is that time again, apparently... Emily is teething.

We've stocked up on Infant's Motrin, Hyland's Teething Tablets and patience and, yet we can't seem to comfort her this time. She's very cranky, unhappy playing with her toys and cries when I try to sit her down in her jumper or walker. She was calm and subdued while walking around town in her stroller late yesterday afternoon and again today in her car seat while I went to get gasoline and return some movies we rented... I guess I'll try the stroller or driving her around again today.

She has very little appetite and has taken 12oz less formula than normal each day over the past three days. She is still eating her breakfast but refuses veggies and meats for lunch & dinner.

She's got excessive drool, her gums are red & swollen and she screams out in pain anytime she bumps her mouth with her hands or toys. I wonder how many teeth she's getting...?

She isn't sleeping through the night, waking 1-3 times wanting to eat and to be held so, one of us prepares the bottle while the other cuddles with her in the nursery glider. We are both walking zombies!

I feel a bit helpless, wanting to comfort her and ease her pain but she hates that, too. :-(


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