It wasn't teething, it was a stomach bug

I had Emily's 9 Month well-baby exam today and, after discussing Emily's symptoms and temperament over the past three days, Dr. Woodard said it sounds like she had a stomach bug that has been going around, that nearly all his under 1 year old patients have currently.

Yuck! Poor baby, I thought she was just teething. Her poop was runny, she was tugging at her ears, she had very little appetite, woke up several times at night, was really cranky and fussy all day and didn't want to be set down anywhere and she had a fever. It was a low fever, less than 100.4 so, I wasn't worried.

She's seems a lot better today and actually slept through the night last night. She's been eating well today and is really happy so, we're assuming she is over it now.

As for her stats:

Height: 30inches
Weight: 19lbs 9oz


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