An update... long overdue!

I can't believe I let my blog go for so long, I've been really busy with the babysite! :-)

What has happened since April and my last post?

* We didn't get rid of Mink the Bink but Emily did learn to pick it up and put it back in her mout herself a few weeks later and life was sweet again. She went back to sleeping 12 hours and car rides were much more pleasant. :-)

* My first Mother's Day was more than I expected, I have the greatest, most generous & thoughtful husband to walk the earth, I swear! David got up with Emily in the middle of the night once and got up with her at 7:00AM when she woke up for the day so I could sleep in until 9:30AM. I got a huge bouquet of flowers, two really sweet cards (one from Emily, of course), dinner out at my favorite restaurant and the BOB Revolution Stroller I had been eyeing for a few months. David also took me shopping and bought me a new diaper bag: the Fleurville Mothership. I love this bag, you have got to get one!

* Even though our landlords/upstairs neighbors are a pain in our a**, we do have it really good here and couldn't bear the though of moving this summer. Plus, we are going to use David's inheritance from his mother's estate as a down payment on a house here in Alameda (as well as paying off our cars, putting money in a CD for Emily's college and taking a fabulous vacation somewhere!!!) and that could happen fairly soon, which would mean we'd be moving again. Ugh... talking about moving makes me light-headed. hahaha

* David wrapped his first film at Pixar, "Rataouille". Pixar threw a black tie Wrap Party/Movie Premiere at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, which we attended while my mom watched Emily late into the night. We drank and danced and had the best time and the movie was awesome!!! Pixar puts up a "Production Babies" section in the credits, near the end so, seeing David and Emily's name was so exciting for me.

* Father's Day is this weekend and I just know David is going to love his gifts! I won't talk about them here in case he decides to read my blog one day. hehehe You'll have to wait til I update after Sunday. :-)

* Emily is 9 months old now (*gasp*) and is so dang funny! She is pulling up to standing in her crib now, which means we'll have to lower it again and peeks through the crib slats, looking for us. We think she thinks it is a game!


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