Almost done...

I am almost done, packing and prepping for our summer vacation.

Today I have
* Cleaned out the fridge
* Taken out ALL the trash
* Packed Emily's things
* Packed mine & David's things
* Put a "hold" on our mail with the post office
* Addressed & mailed out Emily's birthday invitations
* Purchased a bag with wheels & a handle for our car seat
* Filled out luggage tags for all our bags
* Cleaned out my car and loaded up the stroller
* Pre-paid all our bills due the month of August
* Filled my car with gas (we are taking it to the airport)
* Gotten cash from the bank
* Charged my camera and packed the cords to download my photos to our laptop
* Packed the laptop and charger
* Charged both our IPODs and even downloaded some new music
* Charged both our cell phones and packed our chargers
* Purchased a new book and some magazines for us to read on the plane (it's a 6 hour flight)
* Washed, folded and put away all our laundry (with David's help!)
* Packed up the Pack 'n Play (Emily will sleep in it) with 2 clean sheets
* Cleaned out and packed up the diaper bag
* Checked-in and printed out our boarding passes
* Confirmed our rental car reservation in Texas
* Made reservations for dinner on Thursday night (all our friends & family will be in town) and for our Pool Party/BBQ on Saturday

It's almost 6:00PM and I just cannot believe how much I've been able to get done. I'm exhausted and yet, I'm still not done. Ugh! Travelling with an infant is like moving. hahaha

We leave at 8:00AM tomorrow morning and will be back home next Wednesday. We'll be home long enough to un-pack, do laundry and repack for a 4day trip to Monterey, CA & Santa Cruz, CA. We'll come back home for a few days and then, we are off to San Diego, CA to take Emily to the Zoo. :-)


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