Planning a 1st birthday party

Thinking about Emily turning one year old is enough in itself to send me into an emotional uproar but planning her birthday party... now that sends me right over the edge.

There's always so much pressure on us moms to raise our children to be perfect lil Miss Manners, our homes to sparkle, to satisfy our husbands and to impress. Yeah, I said impress. Ugh... as a mom, I constantly feel like the world around me is judging me, judging everything I say and everything I do and I'm starting to feel the pressure as it applies to Emily's birthday party.

Emily has made so many friends, all of which are invited to her party and that would be just fine except that their parents are coming along with them, all throwing their own parties the following weekends. They'll be critiquing the invitations ("I love these" or "I can't believe she flaked out and hired someone to do these for her"), the decorations ("Why did she pick that theme?" or "I'm stealing this idea for my child's party"), the cake ("Our bakery would've done a much better job" or "I can't believe I was going to bake a cake myself, I have got to get the number to the bakery she used!") the party favors ("What? We have to give party favors?" or "Stupid toys, what a waste!")... and there I'll be, watching them watching me, wondering if I did everything right instead of enjoying my daughter's very first birthday party.


After searching The Berkeley Parents Network and buying several books on children's parties in The East Bay, talking to all my Mom friends who've had 1st parties already, sitting up at night worrying about it... I have decided on having someone else host Emily's party. I'm paying a venue to run it for me; to set up, entertain, serve the cake and drinks, to hand out the favors and to clean up when we leave. It will only last one and a half hours and then, we'll all go home. I'm also hiring a photographer to capture every moment of the party and we're getting Emily an adorable new outfit to wear. She'll be surrounding by her family & friends, we'll all get to enjoy the party and, if anyone doesn't like it, they can blame the venue, judge the venue, and not me.

Why didn't I think about this before???


  1. Amanda - it will be fabulous no matter what!

  2. How true! Don't forget to choose your party planner carefully though, your choice will most certainly be judged! LOL

    I'm sure it'll be wonderful.

    I am already planning V's Halloween costume since Primrose has a parade. I think that it may end up costing as much as my wedding dress.

  3. I so can relate to this. Garrison is just 9 months and I am already spending time worrying about doing everything just riht, yet not too over the top... I just want to enjoy it.


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