Planning Emily's 1st Birthday Party, take 2

After my little outburst, I got several good night's sleep and came to the conclusion that having Gymboree host Emily's party would be all too convenient but isn't really what I want, it was just the easy answer.

After leaving Gymboree with my party packet, I began to feel sad; I wanted to pick out the napkins, cups & plates, decorate her highchair for her big "cake smashing" moment, have everything match her invitations I have worked so hard on the past two weeks, etc., etc. I hated the fact that, in order to have her party on Saturday (when all my family and friends could make it), the party had to be after 2pm, as they have classes all morning long. This just won't work due to Emily's nap schedule, traffic for people coming across town, etc., etc. The parking situation was a nightmare: metered or free, but several blocks away. The entire party would basically be like all the kids attending a Gymboree class, interactive with the parents, but I can just see all the daddies, standing around a bit bored. No good!

I decided to go with my heart, plan the party I knew would be fun and personal for Emily.

We having a Carousel Party, complete with rides on an actual Carousel, in Tilden Park (Berkeley, CA), carousel horse cake toppers, favor boxes decorated with carousel horses and carousel stickers placed on the individually-wrapped sandwiches I'll be making, the plates & cups and the serving bowls/trays. I even found some adorable balloons to tie to the back of Emily's highchair. :-) I have already reserved the Carousel campsite (yea, it was available!) and only need to finalize the invitations and find some cute frames to display her 1 year old portraits that I'll have made the day before her party.

I have more work to do but actually feel less stressed about this whole party and am having fun now.


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