Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about being a Stay-at-home mom:

1. No timecard to punch and no boss to report to
2. No limited lunch times or breaks
3. My work here at home isn't mind-numbing
4. I get to work alone, no annoying, stinky, unethical, nosey co-w0rkers
5. No dresscode!
6. When Emily naps, I can watch trashy daytime television
7. I take so much pride in working here at home, caring for my husband, child and house
8. I get to go shopping everyday
9. We have so many friends we get to have play dates with nearly everyday
10. No annual reviews or discussions over money
11. I can call long-distance
12. I can Nest and shop online
13. No one is backstabbing me to "get ahead" in my line of work


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