David's new car

David has always loved Mustangs and has owned three in his lifetime.

He had just bought a new, 2004 Cobra Mustang the year we got married and spent a lot of time customizing it, racing it, touring with it and showing it off in car shows. He's "that guy"... the "car guy". When we got pregnant and then, found out we had to move across the country, unsure of our financial situation, we agreed we should sell it and buy something cheaper that we could also insure for less. Hence how we ended up with the Jeep. David never really loved the jeep and you could always tell that he was envious of his friends that owned Mustangs.

So, when we found out we would be inheriting enough money to pay off our debts & both cars, put away 6 months of living expenses, increase our IRAs and David's 401(k) and have some "fun money", we agreed that David could sell the jeep and buy a new mustang.

I have never seen a man so excited about one particular thing... all he has talked about for the last 6 months is getting a brand new mustang. ha ha It was just too cute and I'm so excited that we were able to first find him one of the new 2008 Shelby GT500's as they are very rare and out of approximately 6,000 world-wide, there were only 300 left in the USA as of last month. Finding one in California was even tougher but we did and we drove it home tonight.

I take terrible pics but here is a pic of the car, on the showroom floor that I took:

It's black with dark allow racing stripes and the interior is solid black leather. It has all the bells and whistles and we are having LoJack and a custom alarm put on it later this week.

My husband is in love and so am I because we paid cash for it. :)


  1. Oooohh...a mustang! Now David & I can be twinsies! You know I have a Mustang just like his? I do! Except, mine is a 1998 instead of a 2008. Mine is doesn't really have any bells and whistles but I do own a whistle and the horn is really loud! I bet everything in his car works though...that's a little different then mine...my radio only works until I hit a bump in the road....His is a Shelby Mustang? I know someone who has a dog and a friend named Shelby. See, we are very similar.


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