Happy 2nd Anniversary and our first experience with a babysitter!

Today is David and my 2nd anniversary and all I can think about is how anxious I am about leaving Emily with a babysitter for the very first time since she was born (my mom, sister, closest friends and the gym daycare for 1 hour do not count!).  My very good friend, Laura, recommended her babysitter, Mariessa so, I already have great faith and trust in her; however, Emily is only 1 year old and teething so, she could wake up and be 1) in pain from her teeth coming in and 2) confused that this strange woman is trying to comfort her.  Ugh, my stomach is in knots!!!

Traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton so, I went out and bought myself a new dress (which looks great and David really liked!) and arranged for a sitter so David and I could go out to eat at his favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang's, where we will be dining with cotton napkins. 

I should be happier but in all honesty, I'm a huge ball of nerves and am entertaining the idea of canceling the whole evening.  Being a new parent is rough!


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