Long time, no blog... been very busy!

Well, we went on our summer vacation and had an absolute blast!

We came home and had a week to do the final preparations for Emily's 1st Birthday party, which was awesome and then, it was back to normal life. ;)

Things have been great around here, mainly because we are finally closing on our house back in Texas on Monday. Wooo hoooo!!!!


  1. Yay - an update! I've been checking daily : )

  2. What a good feeling it is going to be knowing that it is all behind you! I know that you have been stressed/upset with the actions of some relatives, but now with the closing you can really "close" the door.

    Plus, you can go shopping! Woo-hoo. If you want to know what you can buy me, let me know and I'll send you a list. Kidding!

    Oh, don't put the money in a CD for Emily's college...put it in a mutual fund you'll earn more. I can give you a list of what mutual funds I invest in - I had a 29% return last year. Our financial goal is to derive 75% of our income from investments so we (mainly Mark) do a lot of research on where to put our money.


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