Annual Bonus

David came home with his annual bonus check last night and it was 3 Months Salary.... Eek!!!!

Pixar pays bonuses based on the success of the previous year's box office sales, DVD sales and merchandise sales and their goals is for each film's total gross income to exceed the previous and Ratatouille did it, grossing over $620 million. This is so important... It determines the success of the company and it's going-concern. :)

Pixar is so generous, taking a set percentage of it's profit and distributing it to everyone employed by Pixar: the Artists, Management, Administrative staff and even the Janitors! It's prorated based on when you are hired during the production of the film and different levels of employees earn a different percentage, of course (Janitors won't receive as much as the Artists).

Last year, we received 2 1/2 months salary but it was prorated at only 65% because of when David was hired but still, it was really exciting to finally received something extra, something special for all the hard work he does.

We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful company, even though leaving our family and moving across the country was really difficult 2 years ago. I was so scared to give birth to my first child in a foreign place and could not have done it with out you! It's been a joy living here, working here and getting to know you all... we are just so happy here!


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