I think I need to post here more often...

I have always kept a journal, a diary when younger and now, a blog and love the feeling of expression after I'm done writing. I think I need to post in my "journal" more often! ;) I'm always so busy keeping the babysite updated that I just can't find the time to share my own feelings about life, motherhood and food!

I had such a great time in Las Vegas with my girlfriends... I did not want to come home! ha! I mean, I missed crawling in bed at night to snuggle up with David and I missed kissing Emily and seeing her beautiful smile but I really loved my "me" time while away. It's amazing how quickly I can get things done alone and how much more enjoyable eating, shopping, showering, reading in bed and watching TV is sans baby. :)

I wrote all about my Vegas trip on the babysite and don't really feel like rehashing here, all I wanted to say here was how happy I was to be with my girls, free and only responsible for myself with money to burn. It was great to spend money on myself, guilt-free, to have a facial & massage, body wrap & pedicure and a day's access to a gym and whirlpools. I loved all the shopping (I got some great Christmas gifts) and even spent some mula on my family. :) I also really loved all the late nights and sleeping in I got to do for three days. hahaha

It's good to be back and I really did miss my family and my real life but I'm already planning our next Girl's Weened... in Napa!


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