Shopping online has GOT to be the greatest invention... ever!!!

Now, I realize shopping online isn't exactly an "invention" but it is the best thing to hit the WWW!

It's amazing just how many stores, retailers, outlets and boutiques now offer online shopping and I'm so thankful for them because I did 100% of the Christmas shopping online. Yes, 100%! I didn't fight a single crowd nor did I have to drag my daughter out in this very cold weather (I had no clue it could get down below freezing here!) and I'm so excited that all of it is being shipped to my mom's house, where we are spending the holidays. :) We need new luggage anyway so, we plan to pick up some cheap pieces (Man, you gotta love Mervyn's!) and pack all our gifts in them to check on the plane ride home. It sure beats shipping everything home, like we did last year... holy $250.00 bill, batman!

So, just a few of the stores I hit up this year:

Tiffany & Co
The Sharper Image
Banana Republic
Old Navy

I even managed to score FREE shipping and a few things on sale! Woot!


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