My new purse... pics finally!

David spoils me with a new Coach purse & wallet ever year for Christmas and I always look forward to opening those gorgeous shiny brown boxes. This year, he got me a gift certificate instead because I hadn't found anything I just loved during the year (I normally email him "hints" of what I'd like to have and then, he choses from those).

After going into Coach all over California, Vegas and Texas, I finally found "the one" a few weekends ago.

It's a beautiful light tan, leather Bleaker bag with matching wallet, wristlet and two charms. :) It has the Tatersol pattern inside and the adjustable shoulder strap is the perfect length to stay on but not feel like it's hanging down my leg. I love that it opens up and I can see all the way to the bottom, there are two pockets for my Ipod and Iphone, there's a zippered inner pocket (no clue what I'll put in there, yet) and that the purse zips shut so all my things don't fall out in case it gets knocked over.

I'm just in love with it and carry it everywhere, even if I have to take my diaper bag, too!

I actually purchased out of my black comfort zone, which is why I have three black Coach handbags now, but I figured this one would be perfect with Spring right around the corner and would go with everything... even black!


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