The Nestie Biggest Loser 1

I have decided to sign up for the first, Nestie Biggest Loser 12-Week Challenge through SparkPeople and am so excited about it!

I spent several hours since Wednesday setting up my profile and working through the fitness & food logs to familiarize myself with both applications so I would have the hang of it before our official start date, this Monday. It seems really easy, very user-friendly! I think the points system is really cute (although I don't see the point of it just yet) and I really love all the health, fitness & motivation articles... I can't believe this is the first time I've heard of it.

Can I be honest?

I've had the flu and haven't had much of an appetite and, once I started logging my food, I realized how little I was actually eating on a daily basis. Ugh... I hope to regain my strength & appetite so I can actually participate 100% this week!

I hope everyone stays honest, which I think has been addressed by requiring weekly scale photos...


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