Operation: Purge Emily's Closet - Success!

After much humming and hawing, David & I finally went through Emily's closet, armoir, dresser and the 11 bags of clothes we had in storage and divied them up into two piles: keep and donate.

Lucky for me, David was super understanding of all the things I wanted to keep:
* The first clothes Emily ever wore, in the hospital
* My favorite newborn outfits
* Her first Halloween costume
* Her first Christmas Dress
* The outfits she wore to have her picture made her first year
* What she wore to her 1st birthday party

Things I hope to pass down to Emily when she's older and can appreciate them for what they meant to us.

Needless to say, I have two large spacebags full of the items mentioned above but, hey... atleast it's not 15 bags!!! :)

A dear friend, Bre agreed to take some of the clothes off our hands that ranged from 6-10months in size as her adorable little girl, Lily is about there. Bre and her husband and Lily drove down from Sacramento today and we spent a lovely hour & a half, going through all the clothes and just chatting about life. She ended up taking everything except 5 things she already owned. Talk about my good luck! We can walk around our livingroom now! :)

Bre left with me 5 bags full of clothes that Lily had outgrown as a way of "paying it forward": I'm taking those bags plus two of my own to another friend, named Emily, that is about to give birth. I also have a few bags reserved for two other friends that expressed interest and just cannot wait to pass them along. Emily got good use out of most, although I'd say a good 30% still have the tags on them and have never been worn (I should be so embarrassed!) and we are so happy to help out a few dear friends now that she has outgrown then.


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