The ants go marching on...

... all over my house! Ack! :(

I have a terrible stomach ache and Emily is being quite the grouch today so, I brought her into the living room to watch a DVD while I laid down for a bit this morning, only to discover I wouldn't be doing any resting anytime soon; there were ants everywhere!

Hundreds of ants crawling all over my diaper bag, gym bag, my new purse, our overstuffed chair & ottoman, the floor, the wall...

Where were they coming from? Why were they here?

Oh no! Food left in Emily's diaper bag. Argh! Did I really forget to clean out her diaper bag again last night? Yep. I had found the culprit... me! :(

I got Emily out of the living room, locking her behind the gate, and began to assassinating all those ants with my trust Roach & Ant Spray. The fumes are horrible so, I had the front door open as well and was freezing while eliminating. Once I killed them all, I had to wipe up all the spray and then, mop the floors all the while feeling like I might vomit all over myself at any moment and feeling I might tear my hair out because Emily was screaming being stuck behind the gate. I then had to clean out my gym bag and diaper bag and try and clean off my new leather purse. It was the longest hour and a half of my life!

I used up the remaining spray around the window seal and front door, just to make sure no more ants would be trying to get at Emily's Gold Fish Crackers...


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