Emily and I at Crosstown Coffee with "the group"

This photo, courtesy of Christine (thanks, girl!!!) is of Emily and I just last week, sitting on one of the couches at Crosstown Coffeehouse & Community Center here in Alameda, CA. We absolutely LOVE this place, meeting up every week (we use to meet up 3x a week!) to have a cup of Joe, let the kiddos play and catch up on the week's going ons with the other girls in our support group. Crosstown is a non-profit organization, run by a local church and they always have things going on, including Story Time, live music, local art work and crafts. It's cozy, clean, fairly quiet and they offer FREE Wi-Fi!

It was actually a bit hard to get Emily to climb into my lap today to take this picture because her and Ana were having way too much fun, coloring and playing with the Roll-a-Round Crocodile. ;)


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