Gran visits!

Am I totally lame that I am literally giddy when my mom flies out here from Texas to visit us?

We are really close and not that; "My mom and I are BFF" cliche close. We share so much, really enjoy each other's company and have so much fun chasing after Emily, doing the day-to-day things we do in our crazy life. My mom is Emily's only grandparent as my father is a bit out of the picture and both of David's parents are deceased so, the pressure is on for my mom to be that wonderful extension for Emily and boy, does she live up to the challenge. I honestly think she wouldn't have it any other way, being a part of our life is so important to her and I think she just loves having Emily all to herself. ;-)

Emily is starting to remember faces these days and took to my mom the second she saw her, jumping into her arms, wanting to sit in her lap, playing chase with her, hugging her and holding up her arms, saying; "up"... it was as if my mom had been here all along, rather than being abscent for nearly two months. It was just beautiful to see them interacting and having fun, Emily's giggles filled the house for four days.

I rescheduled Emily's tumbling class for Thursday morning so my mom could come with and watch Emily in action and we ended up going to the San Francisco Zoo one afternoon, which was really fun. We did some shopping, got pedicures and just hung out, cooking, cleaning and talking.

I find that I only get homesick when my mom is here and I really hate the day I have to drop her off at the airport... I really look forward to her coming back out here in April!


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