I really enjoy this time in my life

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately, working hard to appreciate what I have, how healthy we all are and what a bright future we have ahead of us.

I'm really not sure I could be happier...

David absolutely loves his job and working for Pixar actually was his dream job so, he feels whole, complete, fulfilled and as if he's found his purpose. He has a bit of creative freedom, gets along really well with his office mate and has received excellent praise from his Manager and the DP's on each of the two films he's been a part of. He gets up every morning happy to go to work and enjoys putting in the hours to produce a film he is proud of.

Our marriage is rock solid and getting better every day as we adjust to having an active toddler, needing to move this summer and contemplating more children. We really like each other and have so much fun together, as a family, and really look forward to our solo date nights out. We turn the TV off before bedtime and just lay together, talking about our days and our future. We make plans and set goals and are getting close to achieving several of them. We respect each other's "roles" and often step into the other's shoes to trade roles when the other needs a break. We still have so much passion for each other, even after 4 years together, and there's no pressure to be anything other than ourselves... we can just be. :)

We are financially sound and it's been such a blessing! We have no debt, a large savings account, money for Emily to go to college, fun money for our family to enjoy and are working towards our retirement aggressively. We see eye to eye on spending and our savings goals, we've never argued about money in any way and we've always been truthful with our past debt. We work hard so we can "live" in the moment and have established a goal of taking a family vacation every year as well as a solo trip for ourselves every year and it's really nice to have the money to do so. We are also considering buying a house in the Bay Area as soon as we can do our research and figure out where we want to settle down. So many great areas to consider!

We have the most supportive family: my mother and my younger sister. My mom comes to visit every single month (every other month at the least), helping out in every way: she cleans, she babysits, she cooks and she's wonderful company. I miss her so much but am happy I got to start my family on my own... I guess I feel a bit more independent and self-sufficient because she is 2,000 miles away and can't just drop everything and come running when I need her. Although, I would like being closer to her because she's my BFF and I miss her! :( My mom and sister love David and have fully accepted him in our family and just adore Emily. They both spoil us during the holidays and make an effort to keep in touch regularly.

I get to stay at home with Emily, raising her the way David and I agreed on in the beginning, with no worries about a tight financial budget. It's nice to be home, taking care of David, Emily, our house, our finances, our errands and our future... I work for myself, technically and love it. I would never hire a housekeeper to clean my house as I'm just to anal about it and like things done MY way and I would never put Emily in daycare for someone else to raise, unless I wanted to return to work and had no choice (meaning, I had no family or a close friend to care for her). I love being in control of our lives, working on my own time table and having the flexibility to have lunch with David, have GTGs with my friends who only have off for lunch breaks, take Emily to play places or play dates, shop, run our errands and just be. I love having the weeks free to do whatever I need to do mainly because I get to avoid the weekend crowds.

I get free time every day, while Emily is napping, and it's normally about 2 1/2 hours. I love being able to read, do a crossword puzzle, watch TV, surf the internet, catch up on my magazines or just take a nap... things I'd never get to do if I had a job outside our home. I also love that when I'm sick or just feeling lazy, I can lounge in my PJs all day long and Emily will just play by herself... she's ultra independent that way.

I love where we live. We are so fortunate to be able to afford to live right on the water, in the amazing Bay Micro-climate: it's never warmer than 75 degrees and rarely colder than 45 degrees and just beautiful. There are flowers blooming in my front yard all year round and gorgeous varieties I can decorate my home with from the local farmer's market. We are 8 miles from San Francisco but the Island of Alameda feels like a distant suburb and I really hope we can find a house here so we don't have to move to the god-awful suburbs out East or over-crowded Berkeley.

I have so many friends... more than I could've imagined I would have, moving here two years ago, knowing no one. I have a large support group that are my best friends that I still see almost every single day, all of them with children Emily's age. I still have strong relationships with friends from high school and college (love you, Alecia, Lorey and Jenn!!!) and with those friends who STILL aren't married and have no kids. I feel so blessed and have worked to maintain those friendships. I've met so many people through online support communities and consider a few of them "friends" that I make an effort to see in person weekly. My friends have helped me not feel so isolated here in CA, far from my family & friends, adjust to life with a baby, help me find all the hot spots in the Bay Area and to help make my life complete.

I'm healthy and happy. No depression or "baby blues", lost all my baby weight but need to lose a few pounds of my own weight, have very stable blood pressure and the correct levels of cholesterol, my eye sight is stabilizing (rather than getting worse every year), I have perfect teeth (zero cavities, ever!), I have really pretty hair (I've always been told that) and a nice complection. I have the time to take care of myself, rest, relax, get away and rejuvinate...

I really love my life!


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