Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine... on of the best I read!

I am a bit of a magazine junkie, I have 6 subscriptions currently and really enjoy my "mag time" every day, either when Emily is napping or just before going to bed.

I really enjoy Parents Magazine, for so many reasons:
  1. It's not littered with ads and the ads they do feature are relevant (birth control, clothing for children, products for the home, motherhood and post pardem products, gear for kids, kid-appropriate food, toys, medication for children, etc.)
  2. There's something for every age child in every issue and there is an Age-by-Age guide in the front for easy locating
  3. The bloopers in the back (bwuahahahaha)
  4. It reflects many different parenting styles (co-sleeping, baby wearing, CIO, Ferber, corporal punishment, etc.)
  5. All featured products include the full name, description and website address for easy locating
  6. Expert interviews
  7. The polls, message board inputs, "cutest kid" weekly entry
  8. Coupons and pullout cards for Sears Portrait Studio
  9. Caught on Camera section of cute kids
  10. The GoodyBag - must haves for this month
  11. The Best Family Cars for 2008 article (this month's issue)
  12. The recipes that are "mom friendly" and yummy!

I rip pages out, bookmark the websites I'm interested in, tear out and use the coupons and add their recipes to my own Tastebook for future reference. I've also been to known to hang on to magazines with articles I might need later (potty training, going to school blues, having more children, discipline, etc.). :)


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