Real Simple Magazine

I just started reading this magazine and am really enjoying it... I might even have to get a subscription so I'm not paying $4 at the grocery store!

I really like that the entire magazine isn't littered with advertisements and that the articles actually have some substance.

I also really like the paper everything is printed on - weird, I know.

This month is all about money: budgets, savings, investments, spending and how to fix your money woes. They go on to list the top 6 financial concerns and have produced an article on a person/family that is dealing with each of the 6. They list out their current income, budgets and problem areas and then, an expert helps trim down their budget, showing them where they are overspending and undersaving. It was really interesting!

I also really like this month's section on the top 5 most important features of each home appliance. David and I have yet to purchase any major home appliances but I tore out this article to have when we do.

The magazine has simple recipes and a small fashion section that isn't overwhelming for those of us that didn't buy this magazine for the fashion & beauty advise.


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