"Schlumpadinka" on Oprah today

"Schlumpadinka Makeovers" was the title for today's show on Oprah and boy, can I relate!

Apparently, a Schlumpadinka is someone (not just a mom) who has let themselves go. Someone who doesn't take time for themselves regarding showering, getting dressing, applying makeup, fixing their hair, shopping for themselves, etc.

All the women on the show were SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) that lived in sweats, yoga pants & t-shirts and velour track suits, rarely did more than pull their hair back in a ponytail and never wore make up, even when leaving the house. Their collective excuse was that they were just running after children all day long and "real clothes" were uncomfortable.

Totally sounds like me!!!

So, the women were taken on a shopping spree at places like The Gap, Kohl's, Mervyn's, JC Penney (stores the women currently shop at), given a lesson in what's "in" and what's "out", put through hair and make-up makeovers and then, brought on stage to discuss their new duds and how they felt about them. Most of the women looked great, really great but their outfits were just not practical: a dress over leggings with 4" heeled boots, white jeans and ballet flats, chino capris, cashmere sweaters and trench coats... give me a break! Who wears that? Better yet, who wears that when you have to feed and dress your toddler, chase after them at the park, shuttle them to play dates and/or school, carry them around in Target, roll around on the floor with them and their Little People Farm Animals, bath them and get them into bed? Who wants to stain, nearly ruin, white jeans & cashmere sweaters when working with paint, sidewalk chalk and helping your child at the water table?


All the women SAID they were extremely comfortable and would never leave the house looking like a Schlumpadinka again... yeah, right! I bet they are back in their sweats and yoga pants before the day is over!

I do take a shower and put on "real clothes" every day (jeans, cute top, shoes), even dressing it up a bit if I'm going to a public place with other friends/moms but I'm not about to give up my yoga pants and hoodies for play dates. :)


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