Sorry to have to do this...

I have always been very open with my family blog, only making it private so that it wasn't searchable on the Blogger server by random Pedofiles of the world but...

With all the blog-drama going on here lately and after careful consideration, I have decided to remove several readers from my family blog and Emily's babysite. David set them up so that I can see who signs in to read each of them and I've noticed that several people aren't logging in regularly and that they aren't using their real names (which is just stupid as the babysite TELLS you it is tracking your IP address and information entered) and I've just had it.

I think for me, this whole thing is just ridiculous because people literally beg for access and then, don't ever log in or leave a comment in Emily's Guestbook... I can't help but feel their motives were impure.

So, no hard feelings, it's just something I have to do so, if you notice that you no longer have access and it really means that much to you, send me an email and let me know. Please, keep in mind my family blog and Emily's babysite is for EMILY and no one else and if you don't care about Emily and my family, you shouldn't have access!

Thanks for understanding ladies and happy reading to those that ARE interested. :)


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